Limousine and Learjet on airport ramp CST Catering service on private jet CST Lodging service luxury hotel room


With everything going global, some things are still better handled local

For the professional pilot or owner-pilot that needs to make sure everything goes off without a hitch to meet a tight and demanding schedule, Ground Handling provides the perfect solution. By leveraging our international network of agents, we can provide an unsurpassed level of customized service and personal attention.
The Ground Handling Service includes:
  • Review of all required aircraft, crew and passenger documents, route review and selection of suitable airports
  • Overflight and landing permit(s)
  • Charter permit (when needed)
  • CBP Southern Border Overflight Exemption (when needed)
  • Trip Briefing with International Weather and NOTAMs
  • APIS filings
  • Flight following
  • Local agent at each airport for arrival and departure proceedings, filing of ICAO flight plans, processing paperwork and handling of all local fees
  • Payment of all trip related fees (permits, airspace, airport and government)
  • Fuel coordination with agent and local fuel company
  • Ground transportation and/or lodging for crew and passengers*
  • Additional Ground Support services such as Catering, Lav Service, GPU, PRIST, etc.*
  • Inclusive quote, single Invoice
*Services provided upon request
Our goal is to breeze you through international arrival and departure formalities and avoid unnecessary delays. Through a reliable and solid network of agents and effective teamwork of our flight coordinators with local agents and government authorities, we can ensure efficiency in the process and increase customer satisfaction.
Limousine and Learjet on airport ramp CST Catering service on private jet
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Taking excellence to new heights
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